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Writing is Not the Language of Business

…Powerpoint is.
In a recent review, I remarked how previously I’d always thought I was more of a visual person.  The other person remarked how my style was more predicated on writing and words.  It wasn’t to say that my visual ability was inhibited or anything of that sort, but that my propensity is naturally to [...]

Business and “Being the Best”

I saw an article on poets and quants (I’ll cover my take on “poets” and “quants” later) about black and white pictures and essays from Harvard Business School students.  It was really good, and it made me want to write.  The truth is that if I’d never gone into business, I would have been a [...]

Making Your Boss Look Good

There’s an adage in business, whatever or wherever you work, your job is to make your boss look good.  Or make your boss happy.  I’ve heard both.If you’re not in business that might sound really odd.  And it is.  ”Make your boss look good” is almost never in a job description or how you’re actually [...]

Two Years Out of Business School!

It blows my mind, but it’s already been two years since business school finished.  I really find this hard to believe.  Time definitely goes faster as you get older.
I’ve had a good amount of education in my life and I’m planning on more throughout my time here on Earth.  Learning is a hugely important aspect [...]

Out of Practice

I’ve been stressed out lately.  There are a lot of good reasons to be stressed as of now:  planning a wedding and doing many of the activities associated, setting off a major launch at work, classes outside of work etc.  Conversely, there’s NEVER any real reason to get that stressed about things, it’s really a [...]

Living with Overflow

It’s been difficult, but I’m slowly learning to accept that from a working perspective it’s not possible to control and manage every last thing.  I’ve never been someone to be anal about tiny details, but everything under my role was always handled with precision and “perfect” execution.The most visible aspect of this change is my [...]

Some Exercise Information

Stealing this video from a good post @ The Sunshine Spirit.  I’m continuing my search for people who write about, well, a lot of things, but do it in a fun and interesting way.  Especially those people around the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.
Truth of the matter is that this topic hits home pretty hard.  I don’t [...]

The Work/Work Balance

The title of this is NOT a shot at working a lot or some sort of complaint about how work/life balance is needed etc.  This has been an incredibly busy week with 11 hour days, running and reading “Guns, Germs and Steel” in off time, so I’d be right in my element to start whining, [...]

Leadership or Being In Charge?

Do you want either?  There are many, many people who don’t really want anything to do with either.  That’s just fine, although it’s probably not an easy thing, to find roles today where you are told what to do constantly.  Most people don’t have time for workers who just do what they’re told, it’s too [...]

Intellectual Malaise: A Certain Path To Self Destruction

Perhaps no path is certain.
I have not been in the mood to do much after work lately, and that includes writing.  It’s an inertia thing now.  The new place is pretty much up to date and set, there is not much reason to NOT be writing again.  But here we are.
Corporate life can be draining. [...]

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