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Honeymoon in Costa Rica: Off the Grid for 2 Weeks

Tomorrow morning Teresa and I are heading to Costa Rica for two weeks to celebrate our honey moon.  We got married July 27th and didn’t do a lot after.  After all, Minnesota summers are great on their own, it’s not a good time to leave. While there, we won’t have internet access or phone access […]

Wedding Pics

Our wedding pictures are from Josh Soper.  We have roughly 1,300 total pictures from the day and they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  I really can’t vouch enough for Josh, he was incredibly professional, hard working and simply blew us away.  If you are planning a wedding or photography for a special event, hire him.  You will […]

Off to Sconny

Another bachelor party for this weekend.  Going to enjoy some time on the lake with a friend from school and relax a bit before my big day next Friday.  There’s still plenty to finalize for the wedding, but overall it seems to be under control.  I’m lucky in that Teresa has handled most of the […]

Beat the Heat

It’s been a sweltering summer here in Minneapolis.  We’ve been routinely hitting nineties and even up to one hundred degrees lately.  Many out there may be thinking, “Um, I live in the Southern half of the US?”  That’s a pretty common reaction to people in Minnesota complaining.  The big difference in heat up here is […]

Wedding Invites!

We are sending out our wedding invitations this week.  There has been a lot of work in the last few weeks and we need to get it done.  If you are reading this and haven’t yet sent me your address, do so now!  :-)

The Difficulty of Giving (To Me)

I turned 29 on Thursday.  It was a pretty good day overall, did a lot of fun stuff and spent time with my fiancee and a few others.  I didn’t take the day off. People really seem to freak out about birthdays.  As though being a certain age signals the end of something great.  Conversely […]

Heading to Vegas

I’ve been to Vegas three times now and I’m heading down there again for my/my best man’s bachelor party on Thursday.  I enjoy that city, but can’t lie, its cache has worn off on me a bit.  I’ve done the drinking and gambling thing a lot and it kind of gets old after a while. […]

Out of Practice

I’ve been stressed out lately.  There are a lot of good reasons to be stressed as of now:  planning a wedding and doing many of the activities associated, setting off a major launch at work, classes outside of work etc.  Conversely, there’s NEVER any real reason to get that stressed about things, it’s really a […]

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