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Almost Lost Ring: Heart Palpitations

The other night when Teresa and I were going down to the lake, we almost lost her engagement ring!  We searched for a few hours that night before going to bed.  The next day Teresa took off work to search and I posted it to Craiglist as well as twitter looking for assistance.  Here’s what […]

All Growed Up

Yesterday, Teresa remarked how we are adults.  She pointed out that we have curtains and tools to hang them up.  Moving in with Treesy has been nice.  We didn’t always get to see each other as much as we’d like previously, I had school and then work and she had work.  She was always really […]

Red Pens @ Sauce

Sauce had a nice show last night with the Red Pens and Gospel Gossip.  I only stayed for the Red Pens as that was all I wanted to see last night, but I hear good things about the latter. They played the entirety of their LP, Reasons and one additional song.  They rock.  The drummer […]

Two Good Bands

I was at Sauce, the new “spirits and sounds” digs in Uptown on Saturday and saw two new bands that were both really good live. The first was Ice Palace, a five piece if memory serves, who played indie music with a good lead singer.  His voice was somewhat disinterested or low monotone if that […]

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