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Emoji And A Movement From Written Communication

My iPad recently updated with a new keyboard which contains tens of emoji.  More and more, you see emoji used in place of text, much in the way that emoticons were used in place of text in the last few decades.  This seems like a logical next step, but it does open up questions about […]

100 Friend Limits

Way back when, when I was on Facebook, I had a good amount of “friends” on the service, maybe 350-500.  I can’t recall the exact number, but it was a lot of people from High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, my various occupational peers and a few randoms as well. On Twitter I have followed 96 people […]

Adolescence in Social Media

I’m beginning to think we are in the adolescent stages of “social media” like Facebook and Twitter.  It seems that these services (more so FB) have reached critical mass and peaked, at least in the States.  Now the search for serious innovation and value take over.  You’ll see a lot more new services from the […], Twitter and Facebook: Free or Paid?

Recently the founder of, Dalton Caldwell, wrote a post criticizing bad faith negotiations between Facebook and his startup.  Essentially during the negotiations, he posits that FB basically told him that what his team was working on was in competition with something that the social network giant was working on, but to be nice, they’d […]

You Should Be Creating Content Today

The times they are a changin’. Especially at this point of the year with the olympics, it’s obvious that the way the US and world are consuming media is changing drastically.  Twitter launched in July 0f 2006, basically six years ago.  That’s not a lot of time, yet it is prevalent in how many consumers […]

Obsolescence in Modern Times: Faster than the Speed of Code

Read a very interesting article on tech company obsolescence today.  The basic gist of it is that web based companies are not “master of their own domain” due to the typical infrastructure that sprouts at the time of their start.  The author then points out that these companies are part of three generations:  web 1.0 companies […]

Getting Away From…And Back to Twitter. And Other #SM.

For the better part of two years, I was very ensconced in all things social media.  I saw it as a revolutionary alteration to the world of marketing as I’d known it.  It was more of a hobby than a job, though I did incorporate a few things into my work environment at that point.  Of […]

Promoted Tweets: A Myopic Alteration is a Drop In An Ocean Of Revolution

Twitter is rolling out a monetization effort for their service, Promoted Tweets.  A lot of consumers will not like this, a lot of them will understand that the service and information provided by “free” sites such as Twitter and Facebook has to be paid for at some point.  This is similar to how basic programming […]

Upping the Digital Ante

Twitter just added geolocation to it’s growing list of services to tweets.  That’s a really big deal as 4square has been making so many waves in the last few months.  I tested it and it works really, really well. We’re seeing a lot of overlap from the big guys in social networking (or whatever you […]

Google’s News Feed

Just did a quick search on “iPad” to look at some reviews and thoughts and found Google’s news feature, a scroll down of new publications updated constantly.  It incorporates a lot of stuff that I saw such as tweets, blogs, site reviews and whatnot. I just found it interesting and a nice, functional real time […]

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