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Less and Less Time

Time is going faster than it used to.  Not literally, but in a sense, it really is.  What is time but a conception of your mind and if it seems to be going faster, isn’t perception reality?  Quantum physicists would probably refute me and by all means be correct, but what are quantum physicists, really? […]

The Books Are Piling Up

My end table in the living room is getting lost.  Slowly but surely over the last month since getting back from a trip, I’ve been buying books.  Most of them are business books.  One on cash flow, one on game theory, a seminal Tom Peters book, an investment and personal finance book and an organization […]

Carlson Consulting Enterprise is CRAZY!

I’ve been working basically all day on one project, again.  It still doesn’t seem quite finished, but I needed a breather.  I’m down to two classes and still find that class is the last thing on my list of to dos, after CCE, my part time marketing gig at the BCED and interviewing preparation (really […]

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