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Even Keel

I have a strong admiration for those that can keep calm under pressure.  As you grow older and experience trying times, sometimes in extreme duress and sometimes slow but consistent stress, it becomes apparent that life isn’t always easy.  It’s actually a lot harder for some than others, and it’s easy to forget how good […]

Editing and Time

I just realized why time is so crucial to writing, which is sad given how obvious this is. When you initially write something, the writing is usually full of emotion…from something. It may be emotion of remembrance or the elation of “discovering” an idea.  Discovering something in your own mind is after all as invigorating […]


It still amazes me how quickly life has been going this last few years. During school, everything seemed a lot slower than now. Though at the time, it may have seemed very fast moving. Now, it’s hit warp speed. My role keeps me so occupied while at work, it’s difficult to stop and smell the […]

Keeping Up On Things

Despite technology allowing for easier and easier transmission of information, it seems tougher and tougher to stay up on things. By things, I mean a lot of the things I used to spend so much time following closely.  Technology, social networking, mobile marketing, sports, indie music, local artistry and many other things used to take […]

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