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Timberwolves 2016 Season

This is the first time in about four years that we signed up for cable.  The main driver of that is the NBA season and Timberwolves.  I grew up playing basketball in my driveway and idolizing players like Kevin Garnett on my home town team.  I didn’t really get to see that many games because […]

Da Kid is Back in Sota!

Growing up, I didn’t always have a lot to do.  We lived in the sticks of Alexandria, Minnesota.  Although a decent sized town — roughly 9k in my youth — where I lived only a few people had permanent residences.  The other homes were all lake cabins that people visited on weekends.  There just weren’t […]

Timberwolves In 2011

We haven’t been perfect over the two years since David Kahn has started, but at this point, I’m pretty excited about the upcoming year.  Our lineup is VERY young, but they offer a ton of upside.  We will be running and have a pass first point guard.  From a marketing perspective, the team is getting […]

Sports Related Television

It has been six years since television was functional in my home.  Being a time and cash crunched student most of those years, it just seemed like a luxury that I could give up.  Most television shows don’t really catch my attention (with some choice exceptions) so it really worked well. The biggest issue for […]

March Madness!

I love this time of year.  March Madness is the best tournament in the world and there is nothing close to it in terms of excitement and parity.  Very few times will a college team demolish everyone in its path.  It’s great basketball and I can’t wait to get home and watch!  It is also […]

NBA League Pass Broadband: Not Worth It

I’ve only had League Pass Broadband for a week or so and it’s obvious I won’t buy it again.  The reasons are many: 1.  Blackouts.  Even if you pay for 7 teams (my option) or all teams, they have to meet sellout requirements in order to be watched.  That means my Timberwolves are going to […]

NBA League Pass

I’ve toyed with the idea of buying cable for quite a while, but haven’t pulled the trigger because it’s too expensive for the tiny amount I watch television.  Sports and the History channel are about all that get me going, so the investment never seemed worth it.  I get movies from Netflix and stream them […]

Kevin Love is back. Go Wolves!

My favorite team is, once again, a basement dweller in the NBA.  Most of my life, this team has sucked.  We had a chance to win the Championship in 2003, but alas, Sam Cassel’s back went out in Game 6 against the Lakers in the Western Conference Championship.  The Pistons took it that year to […]

Good October for Writing

This was the rainiest October in Minneapolis in some time.  It was rainy and wet most of the time, not at all like our normal season full of 60’s and autumn colors.  So maybe that’s why I got so much writing done?  Maybe it was the change in the layout of Redmarketer that got me […]

Social Media & Abhoring Mediocrity

My favorite team the Minnesota Timberwolves are adding a “social media” site where all types of user generated content will aggregate.  This, in itself, is not a bad idea.  It will be called, evidently.  I don’t like the whole “nation” thing.  In fact, I should point out now that I’m not a fan of […]

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