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2015 Goals

The post yesterday was predicated on how well we did in accordance to goals set a year ago.  Not bad overall, though not perfect either. 2014 was a year that for me was somewhat “in the weeds”–I had a few posts covering off on how I didn’t seem to have time to post as much […]

Merry Xmas in 2014

Today is Christmas morn, a day that brings with it unity among the masses. Despite not being religious, there is still something very good about Christmas. People are kind and appreciative of what they have and often give back to those not as well off. I personally am thankful today, for near innumerable blessings in […]

Vacation Through 2014 & Other Updates

It has unequivocally seemed the fastest year of my life.  I’ve written about how time seems to move faster as you age previously–and that was about 2.5 years ago. More and more it’s difficult to take the time to reflect on what has happened, and what is happening.  That is hard for me as I’m very […]

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