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The Inevitable Evolution of Cable Television

I’ve written about this a good amount in the past, but am fascinated by the evolution of cable in the US.  Truth be told, I’m always curious about all things sociology and understanding why and how people consume information.  As Annie Dillard put it so eloquently: how we spend our days is, of course, how […]

Birthday Marketing

Today sent me an email saying happy birthday.  Out of all the sites I’ve given my information, is probably one of the least engaging.  Unfortunately, their customer service was terrible when I called in to cancel service due to blackouts.  However, the fact that they sent me an email saying happy birthday actually […]

Breaking Bad Back

I’ve watched Breaking Bad since the third season, while watching the back log prior. It’s a really great show. All the actors hold their parts very well. If you aren’t familiar with the plot line (all two of you out there), a high school chemistry teacher finds himself with cancer and no means for how […]

NBA Playoffs Look Very Good

Basketball is my favorite sport by far.  It’s looking like a classic year for playoffs, although the first round will probably not have a lot of great matchups.  As of now, only New York – Boston looks like a really good matchup to me.  The second round though, things really get interesting.  Both the West […]

Quick Rant: TV Sucks

What a waste of money. The only reason I buy television is to watch sports. I’m a big fan of MN teams, Twolves, Twins, Vikes and Wild. But I watch maybe two or three games a week. It costs me $68 per month and there’s basically nothing worth watching beyond that 90% of the time. […]

Sons of Anarchy

I watched the first season of SOA at the behest of a friend who said it was one of the best shows he’s ever seen.  He was right; it is an incredible show and a lot of fun to watch.  I watched the entire season with my girlfriend over a two day span.  I just […]

Sports Related Television

It has been six years since television was functional in my home.  Being a time and cash crunched student most of those years, it just seemed like a luxury that I could give up.  Most television shows don’t really catch my attention (with some choice exceptions) so it really worked well. The biggest issue for […]

Interactive Television

It’s not too far away.  Technically it’s already here, but soon the integration of televisions with computers will be a built in feature. I’ve been toying with getting a Mac Mini for my 42″ LCD TV at home for a while now.  Today, I simply plug in my parallel port on my laptop to the […]

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