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The Inevitable Evolution of Cable Television

I’ve written about this a good amount in the past, but am fascinated by the evolution of cable in the US.  Truth be told, I’m always curious about all things sociology and understanding why and how people consume information.  As Annie Dillard put it so eloquently: how we spend our days is, of course, how […]

Steve Jobs Book

Just finished the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. The book is a retrospective of Jobs’ life from early childhood to adulthood.  It focuses a great deal on the man’s idiosyncrasies and management style.  It paints him as a radical in that he consistently didn’t care about hurting other people when creating Apple.  He made difficult decisions […]

Hellooooooooo Technology

I’m sitting on a 747 mid continental US in the coach section.  The seat on my left is vacant and I’ve got Beach House playing in my iPhone, writing a blog post on my laptop which has the juice to get me to Nevada (and recharge my phone battery.)  Pretty darn awesome in my opinion.  […]

Interactive Television

It’s not too far away.  Technically it’s already here, but soon the integration of televisions with computers will be a built in feature. I’ve been toying with getting a Mac Mini for my 42″ LCD TV at home for a while now.  Today, I simply plug in my parallel port on my laptop to the […]

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