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Interest in Teaching Long Term

For a few years, I’ve been mentally considering the idea of teaching in 15 or 20 years.  This is a long term idea that has really stuck with me for whatever reason; here are the main reasons why: 1.  I had a handful of good Marketing and business teachers, the ones that were truly great […]

Why Teachers Need to Sell & An Economic Foray

I’ve been thinking a lot about economics lately and how important a subject it is.  Then I think of why it didn’t intrigue me at all as a freshman and SCSU when I was taking micro and macro.  The classes went fine overall, but there was absolutely nothing about them that intrigued me at the […]

Growing Old: New Generations

As I watched to snow fall in a work meeting today, it struck me how my teaching the high school students of North Minneapolis has very much turned low the opacity of distance between me and they.  In short, I’m showing my age…and I am by no means that old, though sometimes it feels that […]

Teaching Marketing @ UROC

I hold a position as a marketing intern at the Business & Community Economic Development Office at the University of Minnesota.  As part of that gig, over the next month, every Monday I’ll be teaching marketing principles to high school students from around Minneapolis.  The classes are at a new building called UROC, which stands […]

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