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Twitch and Interactive Direction

For the last two years, my primary entertainment source has been gaming.  I’m a casual.  I’ve got some friends that are more core.  I don’t know a lot of hardcore gamers.  Television, outside of sports, isn’t all that interesting to me in the traditional sense–however Teresa and I will binge on good series such as […]

Value Addition

Today I’ve been considering the need for small businesses to add value for their customers in different ways outside of simply fulfilling their orders. Often, smaller businesses don’t have the scale economies to compete with larger organizations solely on price. The classic example of this situation is Walmart versus the mom and pop brick and […]

It’s all just the beginning…

Today on the phone with someone who is about 50, he remarked “back 20 years ago we didn’t have Youtube or anything online.  Now a days, you can just go to a website and watch what you want, I think that’s really great.” Well, I agree with his sentiments.  I spend more time on the […]

Internal Marketing

You may hear people speak a bit about internal and external marketing at your company. For those unfamiliar, internal marketing is really similar to marketing externally to the real world. The objectives are normally different, but it’s the same principle; creating understanding and momentum toward an idea so that people will work toward it and […]

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