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Privacy Online? Doubtful.

Anyone engaged in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and similar orgs already have a huge portion of their lives online.  Anyone using a phone that has a GPS can be tracked physically, probably most anywhere on the planet.  Anyone, like myself, that blogs and puts opinions on the internet can be seriously reviewed and […]

Adolescence in Social Media

I’m beginning to think we are in the adolescent stages of “social media” like Facebook and Twitter.  It seems that these services (more so FB) have reached critical mass and peaked, at least in the States.  Now the search for serious innovation and value take over.  You’ll see a lot more new services from the […], Twitter and Facebook: Free or Paid?

Recently the founder of, Dalton Caldwell, wrote a post criticizing bad faith negotiations between Facebook and his startup.  Essentially during the negotiations, he posits that FB basically told him that what his team was working on was in competition with something that the social network giant was working on, but to be nice, they’d […]

Dropping Facebook, On Having Had

Read this post from Dave Winer the other day noting how he’d deleted his Facebook account and didn’t miss it.  It got me thinking about how long it had been since I’d gone off the grid there.So I looked.  This is the BEST part about writing a blog, you can actually go find out information […]

Where is Social Media Going?

I had an odd thought today, what if I was the last user of Twitter? What if everyone left Twitter over the course of a few years ala MySpace (yes I know it still exists and people are there…but you get it)?  I don’t think Twitter is going away and I don’t think Facebook is […]

Top Socially Friendly Restaurant Brands

Here‘s a list out of some social media friendly brands. Many articles are written today that detail how companies/brands are utilizing the new media to reach out to customers. There are many trains of thought on this. What I’ve found in dealing with the more mature generation of marketers is that they discount it heavily […]

Getting Away From…And Back to Twitter. And Other #SM.

For the better part of two years, I was very ensconced in all things social media.  I saw it as a revolutionary alteration to the world of marketing as I’d known it.  It was more of a hobby than a job, though I did incorporate a few things into my work environment at that point.  Of […]

Social Media Gurus

A good friend just forwarded me a job opening for a social media guru.  I’m not on the market, but it’s interesting to see the uptick in these types of positions.  What’s more interesting is what they want to see out of candidates.  They want experience in the field, which some people have.  The issue […]

Social Media & Abhoring Mediocrity

My favorite team the Minnesota Timberwolves are adding a “social media” site where all types of user generated content will aggregate.  This, in itself, is not a bad idea.  It will be called, evidently.  I don’t like the whole “nation” thing.  In fact, I should point out now that I’m not a fan of […]

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