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Value Addition

Today I’ve been considering the need for small businesses to add value for their customers in different ways outside of simply fulfilling their orders. Often, smaller businesses don’t have the scale economies to compete with larger organizations solely on price. The classic example of this situation is Walmart versus the mom and pop brick and […]

Own a Business? You Can Do What You Want

It saddens me to see so many local businesses copying the big brands.  The burrito shop that tries to be Chipotle, or the local sports store that copies Dick’s Sporting Goods.  So many small businesses and their owners tend to follow what has been successful at scale in hopes that their business will follow suit.There […]

The Difficulty Associated With Scale

When a business just gets started, it has to change very quickly just to survive.  Most companies start and almost immediately begin to see if the product/service they are creating has value and if they can pay their bills on time…or if change is necessary.  Change is actually always necessary, but more on that in […]

Business Building

The dichotomy between start ups and established companies is a very large gap.  There are a select few that know what it takes to get from the former to the latter, soup to nuts.  I don’t claim to, though I’ve been part of the growth stage. I’m working on something of a potential start up […]

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