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Back At It

Finally, I’m starting to feel better and get some work done.  I’ve taken prescreens for work, started researching industry and company information and am starting to read some pertinent business books again (mostly on cash flow and best practices in large companies.) It has been a long time since I’ve gotten to work in the […]

Account Deleted…Time To Graduate!

Facebook profile has been eradicated.  Updates about my life and endless conjecture will now be found here; smaller stuff will be on Twitter.  I hadn’t clicked on the RSS link in a while, but for some reason it doesn’t work in Chrome (ironic) and does work in Firefox.  So if you do subscribe, use Firefox, […]

Congrats to Medtronic Case Competition Winners!

The first round of the Medtronic Case Competition is over.  That’s good news for me as the work load lightens a bit, but also good news for three groups of interdisciplinary students and Medtronic.  I sat in on the majority of the presentations and have to say that the quality of students across the gamut […]

Back to Work!

In many ways, it seems as if school is already over.  Classmates are scattered about in their own directions, focused on acquiring a job or pet projects, deep down their paths.  The school is now belonging to the first year MBA class, who take the reins on many organizations, projects and the overall school.  They […]

Lowest Common Denominators

We had an ethics case today primarily oriented around the attempts by Shell to sink the Brent Spar, an oil rig off the shore of the UK.  Shell had done a lot of investigation of the most environmentally friendly and economic way to sink the oil rig.  They found, through scientific analysis, that sinking it […]

Back to the Grindstone: MBA Schedule

Business people often get a bad reputation.  Some think that business people just shuffle money and take their cut.  I can honestly say I work harder in business school than any other point in my life.  Here’s a quick breakdown of my day, and it’s not atypical: 6AM:  Wake up, brief workout, get ready for […]

And I'm Off…

I’m off to school orientation today! I was accepted to the Carlson School about two months ago and will be in attendance full time for 21 months starting in early August, 2008. We are doing a lot of activities. Mock class and networking today, a visitation of Medtronic (cool!) tomorrow and a Mill City Museum […]

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