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7 Years at Redmarketer

It has been a full seven years since I began writing here on redmarketer.  At the time of inception, this blog was mostly oriented around marketing in the new age.  Digital presence for most companies was still relatively nascent.  I worked at a small company at that point but was readying myself for business school […]

Being “Open” to Ideas

A very large component of writing this blog, or critical thinking in general, is being in the correct mind state. There are ideas all around you waiting to be plucked and discussed.  Our mere existence necessitates understanding and explanation of why we do the things we do. Yet most of us wouldn’t take the time […]

Ads on the Old Redmarketer Site

Yesterday while searching for some of my old Facebook posts where I was considering leaving the site and eventually did, it became apparent that each of my old posts has had an advertising area added to it! I previously never used ads, and still don’t here, due to the fact that this site isn’t for […]

Front Page of GOOGLE? Whoa! :)

In that last post about the dearth of good blogs around the area, it got me thinking about how to find good content locally about things I’m interested in. So I typed in “Marketing Minneapolis” into Google…and there I am! Wow. When I first started this blog (April of 2008) I was nowhere near the […]

Happy Birthday Redmarketer

It’s officially been 2 years since this site has gone live.  As always, thanks for reading! Robert

Failure, Repetition and 500th Post

This is the 500th post of Redmarketer.  That’s not bad in my opinion.  It took a little under 20 months to get here and I’ve learned a lot about the web and marketing since then.  But there is still so much more to learn about.  I think about SEO and how to improve my ranking […]

Google Analytics Is Up & Running

In my prior life, I ran the marketing department for a smaller promotional product company (top line 5mm).  I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever learn as much about something again in my life.  Any possible aspect of marketing had potential for us, as long as it wasn’t a huge advertising campaign with huge spend, […]

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