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We Bought A House…And Moved In This Week

It’s been pretty slow on the blog for most of the month, mostly due to a California trip for work and the fact that we finally purchased a home (walk throughs closing, moving, settling, etc.)We now live in the suburb of Bloomington Minnesota on the West side.  We don’t know a whole lot about the […]

Keeping Busy

I’ve fallen a bit from the grind in terms of getting thoughts down. Work has been keeping me busy, and outside of that other pursuits a bit more interesting. Here’s what I’ve been spending time on as of late: -Finance Lots of reading on securities. I’m still in the mode of paying of school loans, […]

Almost Lost Ring: Heart Palpitations

The other night when Teresa and I were going down to the lake, we almost lost her engagement ring!  We searched for a few hours that night before going to bed.  The next day Teresa took off work to search and I posted it to Craiglist as well as twitter looking for assistance.  Here’s what […]

One Year

I saw a sign today saying how 1968 was the year that rocked the world, for a multitude of reasons. I’m still yet to start thinking about time in terms of years, it seems like just looking at things in terms of the present is enough.  When you’re busy it’s enough just to get through […]

Sudden Realization: I’m Old…Or Damn Close

I’m getting up at 5:15am. I’m counting calories on my phone. I spend more time reading than watching television, by a long shot. I am working 10-12 hours every day. I’m engaged. I occasionally worry about saying things that will be offensive to people.   Completely not like me as a younger man. I still […]

Having a Degree Does NOT Make You Good at Whatever It May Be

Had this thought today while working.  So many people get degrees in their choice area to work, yet that alone does not make them good, much less great.  In fact, it’s almost as though society expects that a degree in something make people inherently better at it.  To an extent, this must be true or […]

More Than Ever

When you think about it, today there is truly more of <insert something> than ever. That means more applicants, more cars, more memos, more houses, more people, more blogs and more posts than ever before.  Most things that are human related are soaring right now.  This is not a special moment in time where this […]

Just Have to Say….I Suck

Wow, just went through a few posts and realized that the overall quality of my writing on this blog has gone down the shitter.  Typos, poor sentence structure and the like are rampant!  Yuck.  I can honestly say it’s a derivative of my dearth of time to write with focus.  I swear, I’m not on […]

2010 Retrospectives….Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I’ve been meaning to write a bit about the yearly changes in marketing and life I’ve been experiencing and they are coming.  I’ve been tracking music and a few other things that I’d like to touch on to finish up the year.  I have some vacation coming up soon and will try to put out […]

Difficulty & Perseverance

On a few elated occasions, I’ll look back and realize how difficult a process has been and think to myself that the difficulty itself made the process far better, at least from a development viewpoint.  I don’t recall the quote, but it goes something to the tune of “Anything of significant worth is never easy […]

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