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Tough Times

It’s pretty hard to be excited about the future in the US right now.  The political climate is incredibly toxic.  The things politicians are trying to ignore and sweep under the rug to assume power are outrageous, and divisive, like all politics today. But they say it gets darkest before the dawn. The truth is […]

Astute or Honest? To Be or Be Not.

Politically astute is a common phrase.  You hear it often in business and government.  Essentially it means to be adept at understanding situations and people and turn them to your own advantage. At face value that sounds like something everyone would aspire to.  Why wouldn’t you want to turn a situation to your advantage? Ultimately […]

Elections Mean More Today

Today, President Barack Obama won back his presidency.  I voted for Barack.  There are certainly areas he could have done a better job in his first four years, but to me it seems obvious that the ability to accomplish tasks politically was and is much more difficult due to a hostile Republican party.  It seems […]

It’s Very Difficult to Discuss Politics Today

Politics are always a tough subject to broach with people.  We are very divisive on the liberal/conservative spectrum and have a tendency to demonize whatever side of the fence we happen to not be on. During an election year, especially the months leading up to November, it becomes increasingly difficult.  It’s on everyone’s mind due […]

Reverse Mortgaging the US: Education in the States

This morning, I woke up and saw that a city North of where I live, North Branch, had instilled a four day school week.  This is actually old news, but it had been past me for some time.  I quickly went on a rant on Twitter about how messed up our system is when cost […]

W’s Interview

I’m just watching the end of the Bush interview with Matt Lauer. For a very long time, I’ve been a critic of Bush and I still think he will go down as one of the lesser Presidents in the history of the US. I don’t think he is particularly evil or had poor intentions. He […]

Tired of Inaction in Government

My semester is pretty light this semester.  I have three night classes and my earliest class is once a week at 10am.  Next in line is a 3:45 class.  That is all over in two months when I’m down to three classes.  Compared to my first three semesters of biz school, that’s easy street. So […]


Politics is a weak point for me. I’m up front with what I think and why almost all the time, which isn’t necessarily the best practice. Politics is an art form and means a lot of things to a lot of people. For all reasons here, politics refers to working with people and forming consent. […]

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