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Economic Stimulation of Scientific Research

During a very good documentary called Particle Fever on the Higgs boson particle during an explanatory speech by one of the subjects of the movie, an economist asks a question, paraphrased:
“What is the economic growth impact of this study?”
This is an extremely important question.  But it’s important to different people for different reasons.  There [...]

2015 Goals

The post yesterday was predicated on how well we did in accordance to goals set a year ago.  Not bad overall, though not perfect either.
2014 was a year that for me was somewhat “in the weeds”–I had a few posts covering off on how I didn’t seem to have time to post as much for [...]

Lack of Cogency

In the last six months or so, it’s struck me how few new ideas or thought patterns have been developing in my head.  I’ve got it narrowed down to a few reasons:

1.  Work.  Being busy and having a lot to do are a constant, but there is more to this.  There is a ceiling on [...]

For Profit Organization Effects On Society

With the recent discussion of Amazon and the biosphere they want to build, I’ve been thinking a lot about how for-profit organizations contribute to society and asking a few questions too.  What are they obligated to do as community stakeholders?  Where do they draw the line?  How do their actions contribute to business success?
We live [...]

The Conscious Mind

I watched a few Youtube clips last night and they hit on some themes that I’ve touched on previously here. If you have the time, watch them:

What the speaker is discussing is the ongoing way we live our lives and contemplate them, day in and day out. David Foster Wallace wrote [...]

Stanley Kubrick on Life

I try to stay away from this, under normal circumstances. This is a post of a repost, from a site I’ve been reading called Brain Pickings. It’s really eclectic and I’ve read a good amount about writers and things that I’m particularly interested in. If you like writing and literature, you should [...]

The Work/Work Balance

The title of this is NOT a shot at working a lot or some sort of complaint about how work/life balance is needed etc.  This has been an incredibly busy week with 11 hour days, running and reading “Guns, Germs and Steel” in off time, so I’d be right in my element to start whining, [...]

Less and Less Time

Time is going faster than it used to.  Not literally, but in a sense, it really is.  What is time but a conception of your mind and if it seems to be going faster, isn’t perception reality?  Quantum physicists would probably refute me and by all means be correct, but what are quantum physicists, really? [...]

The Expected Ideal World

“This isn’t the way it should work!”
Never ceases to surprise me how often organizations of all kinds don’t really operate the way they “should.”  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever worked for a company or went to a school or played on a team that truly operated as everyone thought it should.
Two things here.
The [...]

Discipline vs. Whimsical Efforts In Art

There is something to be said for honing and refining a piece of work to the point of near perfection.  (Perfection carries with it an imitable weight and to some degree doesn’t really exist, as an artist you can continually tweak the details, but main themes aren’t nearly so maleable.)  And that some thing may [...]

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