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Shifting Perspective: New Tools in the Tool Belt

I was speaking with a student yesterday who brought up that his internship wasn’t really what he wanted and not all that much fun.  This student was kind of disenchanted and wondering if he had made the right call on a few things. The truth is that not everything is a lot of fun, but […]

Matters of Perspective

I don’t recall who said it, but the saying goes:  90% of any issue in a business is a human management issue.  It’s a matter of perspective.  Everyone has their own, and even those self aware enough to recognize it will struggle with it.  The funny thing is, most people are working towards the same […]

Perspective In Context

There are actually very few things that make someone good at approaching an issue from a marketing perspective.  I know I harp on these things, but when you run into them on the daily, it’s hard not to analyze them.  And do I analyze. The topic of today’s thought is perspective.  It never fails to baffle […]


School is quite  a process.  It’s a rollercoaster most of the time, moving too quickly to really assess what is happening. The last few days, I’ve caught myself once or twice getting a little aggravated about the process and turbulence so unavoidably attached to it.  Reason being that the amount of work included is enormous, […]

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