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Target Jumps Into Book Price War

The digital reading stories are not going anywhere.  Content of any kind is up in the air right now, but especially books. Evidently, Walmart and Amazon had been feuding.  In business, feuding or fighting is usually more like competing and emulating one another, I guess.  Although real fighting usually involves the courts.  FTA:  Ecommerce only […]

Libraries Trying Digital Lending of Books

Libraries are now trying digital lending in an effort to fight off obsolescence.  I hadn’t considered this, but it opened my eyes last night (I usually read the NYT in the morning and at night on the school bus rides to and fro.) More and more is happening with digital distribution channels every day.  For […]

Disney’s Digital Children’s Stories

Saw an interesting piece in the Times this morning on Disney and their new foray into online story telling.  In a self purported watershed move, Disney is now going to digitize classic book stories online in a subscription model sold to parents.  It costs $79.95 per year and has such characters as Tinker Bell, Winnie […]

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