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Tired of Inaction in Government

My semester is pretty light this semester.  I have three night classes and my earliest class is once a week at 10am.  Next in line is a 3:45 class.  That is all over in two months when I’m down to three classes.  Compared to my first three semesters of biz school, that’s easy street. So […]

NYT Cutting 100 Jobs

In other news, the New York Times is cutting 5% of their newsroom.  It has to be depressing as all get out to report on your own demise. Some of the most prestigious news organizations in existence are in a big bind of slowing ad revenues today.  It’s an interesting story, because there’s more at […]

Libraries Trying Digital Lending of Books

Libraries are now trying digital lending in an effort to fight off obsolescence.  I hadn’t considered this, but it opened my eyes last night (I usually read the NYT in the morning and at night on the school bus rides to and fro.) More and more is happening with digital distribution channels every day.  For […]

A Good News Day

I’m not usually a fan of just linking to other stories, but there were a plethora of worthwhile readings in the Times this morning. An intelligent marketer at Windows is altering all mobile OS’ to reflect the Windows start button.  I’m still getting used to the Windows start button on my PC, but it’s a […]

Interactive Reading & Publishing

Another story in the NYT about books going digital this morning.  More or less, the article decribes a divide in our culture and where media is going with the traditional prose story telling.  Some authors are excited for the opportunity to mix in new ways of telling stories, some are outraged at the idea of […]

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