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Keeping Up On Things

Despite technology allowing for easier and easier transmission of information, it seems tougher and tougher to stay up on things. By things, I mean a lot of the things I used to spend so much time following closely.  Technology, social networking, mobile marketing, sports, indie music, local artistry and many other things used to take […]

Murdoch to Google: No Thanks

This is much ballyhooed, but I watched this video of Rupert Murdoch (“the last great media congolomerate”) last night speaking to his aversion to Google.  It looks like he’s set to opt out of Google/Bing/Ask searches.  His reasoning is that they are slowly but surely usurping content and “stealing” the hard work that these reporters […]

NYT Cutting 100 Jobs

In other news, the New York Times is cutting 5% of their newsroom.  It has to be depressing as all get out to report on your own demise. Some of the most prestigious news organizations in existence are in a big bind of slowing ad revenues today.  It’s an interesting story, because there’s more at […]

Hacking/Streamlining Feeds

The only real constraint on us is time.  Yes, there are limited availabilities of other resources, but for most human beings, our only real constraint is time.  So when I see other people I love to learn from and what they read, it makes me think I’m doing something wrong.  After all, how can other […]

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