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Off to Belize

Well, it snuck up on us.  We just had Christmas here in Bloomington.  My brother in law Nathan is staying with us here in Bloomington through the rest of the month, and has been the last three, so we all stayed in and enjoyed some holiday spirit. But tonight we are leaving for vacation, down […]

Honeymoon Destination: Costa Rica

Over the last week or so, I’ve been planning out a honeymoon for Teresa and I to Costa Rica.  Setting up travel in another country, in another language often, can be difficult.  Luckily, I’m passable at Spanish and have translation websites to help where my feeble skills deem inadequate.  Here’s the agenda: 1.  Direct flight […]

Stewart Island

Took the ferry over late last night, which took about an hour.  The town, called Obin, is the smallest town I’ve seen overseas.  There are many houses strewn about like wild sage, but very few establishments to purchase from.  Everything commerce related is fishing, farming, tourism or conservation. I stayed at a good backpackers with […]

Two Days in Queenstown

Queenstown is an hour and a half South of Wanaka, she the big city sister to her demurer Northern sibling.  There is a large downtown market and it feels much touristier there.  If I were to spend extended time in any of the places I’ve spent, it would definitely be the smaller towns. After a […]

Local Economies

This country is primarily driven in terms of economics by farming (meat, dairy and produce), wine and from the looks of it, tourism.  Almost everything is set up for tourists to get around and experience the land.  There’s some good and bad to that.  Good as it’s easy for people to see and enjoy the […]

Lake Wanaka

It took a bit of time on a cramped bus, but I finally arrived in Wanaka.  This has been the most majestic stay of all the backpackers due to the view outside our hostel.  Lake Wanaka stretches for what must be an hour by bus up to the North.  We are at the South end […]

Poor Posts

My apologies for the current and previous posts.  They aren’t well formatted, have no links and are often uncategorized and tagged. I don’t have much time to tag everything or make sure what gets up is decent due to the limited internet access. As always, thanks for reading.

Franz Joseph Glacier

I arrived in Franz Joseph two days ago and have been hiking a lot. The first day was a hike through the wilderness and it reminded me of a rainforest; everything is completely green and lush. There is a small mining area that existed some time ago that I went toward and it provided a […]

A Long, Rainy Day of Bussing

Last night we climbed to a peak in Nelson called the Center of New Zealand.  It was a cool view and it also provided a good start to hiking out here.  After taking an extended walk around town, I headed back to the backpackers and showered, cleaned and got ready for bed. I woke up […]

National Language Practices

Over the last five days, I’ve come to recognize how America is lacking in some international communications.  Most everyone down here in NZ speaks English.  If you’re thinking that should be obvious as it’s the national language, you’re correct.  The only issue with my experience is that the majority of people who I’ve met are […]

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