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Digital Trends for 2012

As the year winds down, two reports I read recently were Mary Meeker’s latest look at the web and Henry Blodget’s (et. al) break down of the digital economy. Both of value if you are looking forward to where new media and content consumption are going.  They will take some time to get through, but […], Twitter and Facebook: Free or Paid?

Recently the founder of, Dalton Caldwell, wrote a post criticizing bad faith negotiations between Facebook and his startup.  Essentially during the negotiations, he posits that FB basically told him that what his team was working on was in competition with something that the social network giant was working on, but to be nice, they’d […]

Sound Bite Culture

A sound bite is a small clip from a more thorough story. Sound bites are loved by the common man and by reporters.  They stick with you.  This is what I remember from the state of the union: Sound bites offer a double edged sword to us as a populace.  For one thing, they are […]

Interactive Reading & Publishing

Another story in the NYT about books going digital this morning.  More or less, the article decribes a divide in our culture and where media is going with the traditional prose story telling.  Some authors are excited for the opportunity to mix in new ways of telling stories, some are outraged at the idea of […]

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