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Birthday Marketing

Today sent me an email saying happy birthday.  Out of all the sites I’ve given my information, is probably one of the least engaging.  Unfortunately, their customer service was terrible when I called in to cancel service due to blackouts.  However, the fact that they sent me an email saying happy birthday actually […]

Da Kid is Back in Sota!

Growing up, I didn’t always have a lot to do.  We lived in the sticks of Alexandria, Minnesota.  Although a decent sized town — roughly 9k in my youth — where I lived only a few people had permanent residences.  The other homes were all lake cabins that people visited on weekends.  There just weren’t […]

NBA Playoffs Look Very Good

Basketball is my favorite sport by far.  It’s looking like a classic year for playoffs, although the first round will probably not have a lot of great matchups.  As of now, only New York – Boston looks like a really good matchup to me.  The second round though, things really get interesting.  Both the West […]

Lebron Mania

I am a fan of Lebron James in the same way I’m a fan of Kevin Durant (though I favor the latter for his humility) and Chris Paul and Steve Nash and multiple other basketball players. I did not really care for the way this whole scenario was handled; it seems obvious Lebron has publicists […]

Four Weeks And Counting

I have roughly four weeks before going in and starting work again.  In the mean time, I’m catching up on some reading, trying to get into decent shape (school has a seriously detrimental effect on your fitness level) and otherwise attempting to center my qi.  No I don’t use that phrase with regularity. NBA basketball […]

NBA League Pass Broadband: Not Worth It

I’ve only had League Pass Broadband for a week or so and it’s obvious I won’t buy it again.  The reasons are many: 1.  Blackouts.  Even if you pay for 7 teams (my option) or all teams, they have to meet sellout requirements in order to be watched.  That means my Timberwolves are going to […]

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