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Ping And Social Media In Music

I’ve tried. Lord knows I’ve tried. Music is a driving force for me, has been since I purchased that first dubbed tape of Green Day Dookie in the sixth grade. I’m not alone. Despite the exaggerations of a dying music industry, even more people listen to music today and the long tail has proliferated into […]

New Musics

I have done a very poor job of tracking music lately.  Here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve been digging lately: Frightened Rabbit:  Winter of Mixed Drinks Titus Andronicus:  Monitor Mumford & Sons:  Sigh No More Port Obrien:  Threadbare NOFX:  Coaster

New Musics: LCD Soundsystem Does It Right

Marketing music online should not be hard at all.  Way too many times though, bands and labels don’t do a good job.  Quick lesson:  put it out there free, not as a download but as a stream.  Don’t make people sign up for anything or work in any way other than going to a site […]

Gillian Welch: Time the Revelator

For what it’s worth, I’m not a huge country fan.  I do enjoy bluegrass and people like Alison Krauss; their are some slower bluegrass groups and alt-country groups that are really nice to listen to. Gillian Welch has that sound.  Her new album is really good and I’d suggest it for chilling out at home. […]

Beach House: Teen Dream

Writing more about music was a goal of mine for the year.  I’ve bought eleven albums so far this year and although nothing has been truly groundbreaking (something I’d listen to for a month straight) there have been some standouts. As an aside, I’m tracking all my album purchases this year along with how many […]

The Girls: Album

I’ve really been getting into the Girls album, Album, that made so many top ten lists last year.  It’s a two piece, and the opening track really hooks you into listening off the bat.  Most of the CD isn’t comprised of fast sounding tunes, unlike the opener, but there’s something about it that is easy […]

The Hype Machine Weekly Updates

…are radical. I’ve tried a lot of other services to update me on what I listen to and give recommendations on shows and releases. Most of them have needed overtly annoying navigation or just didn’t have a decent algorythm to track my tastes. Hype Machine sends a weekly email with big, bold links to the […]

Red Pens: Reasons

My good friend Seguin gave me a CD last night.  Apparently he already had a copy. The band is called the Red Pens and they seem new due to the fact that I can’t find a lot of information on them other than their Myspace page.  The album is called Reasons. It’s a two piece […]

Comedy Cabaret @ Bryant Lake Bowl

Last night, I went to Bryant Lake Bowl for a comedy cabaret.  I’d never been in the theater section of BLB, but it was really nice.  Very intimate and comfortable setting and nice service too.  It was an all female cast of characters and it was really fun.  I don’t get out to enough things […]

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