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Favorite EPs All Time

I haven’t written about music in some time and was thinking about EPs yesterday.  Here’s a quick run down of my favorite EPs of all time.
It should be noted that I don’t usually buy EPs that are derivative of a greater work.  Often bands will make an EP out of one or two songs on [...]

Music As of Late

There are three albums I’m waiting on right now:
Father John Misty:  I Love You Honeybear
The Decemberists:  What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World
Seth Avett & Jessica Lea Mayfield:  Elliot Smith Covers
Of Montreal also has a new LP dropping, their recent work has been less awesome to me compared to their earlier stuff like Hissing [...]

Best Albums of 2014

This is a post I do every year, and it’s getting more difficult.
Here’s last year’s list.
If you like indie music, hip hop or punk music, there are some great albums on those links.  I look back at those lists and there are some extreme amounts of good albums.  The reason this list is getting harder [...]

Best Music of 2013

I did not listen to as many albums this last year as normal.  My guess is that I purchased roughly 60-70% as many albums, which is odd as I didn’t set out too.  Part of it is the fact that many of the bands I listen to didn’t have new stuff dropping, part of it [...]

Upcoming Releases

Okkervil River:  The Silver Gymnasium
Neko Case: Worse Things Get, Harder I Fight, Harder I Fight, More I Love You
Deer Tick:  Negativity
Volcano Choir:  Reprave
Arctic Monkeys:  AM
Bill Callahan:  Dream River
Chvrches:  Bones of What You Believe
Willie Nelson:  To All The Girls
RJD2:  More Is Than Isn’t
Avett Brothers:  Magpie and Dandelion
Arcade Fire:  >>> TBD <<<

Prose Decomposed #8: No Use for a Name — Let Me Down

RIP Tony Sly
She’s never alone, because she’s scared of what she might say to herselfAlways drinking in the backroom of the bar where everyone turns inA half-hearted grinShe won’t be afraid as long as that prescription keeps going throughAnd all the happy pills make her look like cardboard cut out of someone,I use to learn [...]

Northbound: One Great City!

Heading up to Winnipeg to see an old favorite band of mine, Propaghandi!  They don’t really play in the States and some HS buddies are making the trek.  I’m pretty excited, leaving in under an hour.  Guess I should pack, eh?  Adios.

Two Concerts: Bright Eyes and Rural Alberta Advantage

Recently saw both shows at First Avenue.  They were both very good.  New album sets for both.  It was the first time I’d seen either and it was a show.  Bright Eyes definitely played a killer set, over an hour and a half.  I had to dip out before the encore though. RAA finished their [...]

New Music: Listening Now

I’ve gotten a lot of good CDs lately, here’s a current playlist:
The Tallest Man On Earth:  All of his stuff
Rural Alberta Advantage:  Departing
Bayside:  Wasting Time
Beach Boys:  Pet Sounds
Bright Eyes:  The People’s Key
Destroyer:  Kaputt
They are all pretty good so far.  The Tallest Man On Earth will definitely make some of my favorite music this year, the [...]

Prose Decomposed: Iron & Wine’s “Tree By The River”

Mary Ann, do you remember,
The tree by the river,
When we were seventeen,
I can’t ..calling in the answer,
And the .. in the pasture…his teeth.
I recall the sun in our faces,
Stuck in our engraces and be … to change
Radio and the pones we find frozen,
All the thornes and the roses beneath you though pain
I’m gonna sleep in [...]

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