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Mobile Computing

It’s been a long time now that I’ve expected mobile computing to take over the desktop computing platforms.  There’s always going to be a desktop platform (or at least some version of it) as it’s so helpful to have large screens for analyzing data.  I use two wide screens at work, usually have multiple Excel […]

Going Mobile — Quickly

Sometime in the last few months, a change has happened. I have an iMac downstairs in my house with an office chair.  In the past few years this has been the area where I went for home computing.  My needs for computing are pretty sparse, browsing the internet and using some social networking, blogging and […]

Mobile Internet and PC Browsing

Yesterday I was reading a slide deck on via Business Insider that pointed out some really interesting things.  A lot of the statistics are from Internet World Stats.  I was unaware of this site until yesterday, but it’s a really valuable resource.  If you like to get more information about internet usage, you might want […]

The New iPhone Hardware

…was an intentional leak.  Of course, I’m not in the know on this, but there are really only two options, intentional and unintentional. Thought the latter is of course possible, it’s likelihood is slim. The good reason for intentionally doing it is that Apple is slightly worried about the new Verizon Android phones (the incredible […]

Upping the Digital Ante

Twitter just added geolocation to it’s growing list of services to tweets.  That’s a really big deal as 4square has been making so many waves in the last few months.  I tested it and it works really, really well. We’re seeing a lot of overlap from the big guys in social networking (or whatever you […]

Hot Topics in Tech Startups

Fred Wilson has a post on the three big things in tech now as he sees them.  They are: 1.  Mobile— Mobile internet connections, any gadget that can be taken on the go and used to access technology, typically web apps.  It also includes SMS, which has historically been interruption based in the past (yuck).  […]

A Good News Day

I’m not usually a fan of just linking to other stories, but there were a plethora of worthwhile readings in the Times this morning. An intelligent marketer at Windows is altering all mobile OS’ to reflect the Windows start button.  I’m still getting used to the Windows start button on my PC, but it’s a […]

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