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The Manager and Direct Report Relationship

I’ve been thinking a lot more about the manager and direct report.  I’ve been direct report to about 15 people in my life in all my different roles.  I’ve seen a lot of different styles of management, as have many of you. It’s important to consider the objective of this relationship prior to analyzing it […]

Too Many Spinning Plates

There’s an adage in business that you can only handle so many spinning plates.  This is in reference to old shows where a performer would spin many plates on sticks and wow the crowd with their capability. The adage itself is a simple one, you cannot mentally or physically manage  things after a certain tipping […]

The American Work Week: Transition to Four Days?

Since Memorial Day, I’ve been thinking about the work week.  I read an article on Reddit the other day that  brought up similar ideas. Typical weeks of work in the American culture are roughly 40 hours per week spread over 5 days.  In the business scene, the number of hours skews higher, typically more like 50-60 […]

For Profit Organization Effects On Society

With the recent discussion of Amazon and the biosphere they want to build, I’ve been thinking a lot about how for-profit organizations contribute to society and asking a few questions too.  What are they obligated to do as community stakeholders?  Where do they draw the line?  How do their actions contribute to business success? We […]

The Ability To Be Wrong

Not much of an ability, in all reality.  To err is human, after all.  EVERYONE you have ever known or will know is wrong seemingly countless times in the course of their lives.  I won’t get into the specifics of what “wrong” is as that’s a long philosophical journey which I haven’t seen the end of yet. […]

The Walking Meeting

As of late I’ve been opting to have walking meetings to catch up with folks. I work in St. Paul with quick access to the skyway, walking outside in winter isn’t really that enjoyable, honestly, so doing a loop or two in doors is the norm. I have to say that the walking meeting seems […]

Boss Less Companies?

In the last few months I’ve been seeing a few questions about whether companies should embrace the idea of drastically fewer bosses, or even going without bosses altogether.  I think Valve is a really great example here, though there technically is a “boss” in Gabe Newell, they are purposefully designed to be as flat as […]

Making Your Boss Look Good

There’s an adage in business, whatever or wherever you work, your job is to make your boss look good.  Or make your boss happy.  I’ve heard both.If you’re not in business that might sound really odd.  And it is.  “Make your boss look good” is almost never in a job description or how you’re actually […]

Managing With Power

It hasn’t been long since I finished a book.  Went from a several month gap to a few weeks gap between reads.  There’s a good reason for that, this is without a doubt one of the most important business books I’ve read.  Actually check that, it’s one of the most important BIG business books I’ve […]

To Build From Scratch

A brilliant prof of mine while in business school once said, “To be a ‘self made man’ you must first create the universe.”Anyone who tells you with a straight face that they received no help to build themselves into what they are today is delusional.  Most likely they are not thinking in the same context, […]

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