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Keeping Busy

I’ve fallen a bit from the grind in terms of getting thoughts down. Work has been keeping me busy, and outside of that other pursuits a bit more interesting. Here’s what I’ve been spending time on as of late:
Lots of reading on securities. I’m still in the mode of paying of school [...]


It still amazes me how quickly life has been going this last few years. During school, everything seemed a lot slower than now. Though at the time, it may have seemed very fast moving. Now, it’s hit warp speed. My role keeps me so occupied while at work, it’s difficult to [...]

100 Friend Limits

Way back when, when I was on Facebook, I had a good amount of “friends” on the service, maybe 350-500.  I can’t recall the exact number, but it was a lot of people from High School, Undergraduate, Graduate, my various occupational peers and a few randoms as well.
On Twitter I have followed 96 people and [...]

Getting Older with Fewer Interests?

Since basketball has ended and my beloved Timberwolves retired to their dens to lick reopened wounds, I’ve been mulling about the apartment with less to do.  It struck me the other day that my habits have changed a great deal.
My youthful pursuits included wakeboarding and tubing, basketball, videogames, ladies, kicking it with friends, frisbee golf [...]

The Year In Closing

This year is rounding out, so I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on 2011.  I’m going to be traveling up to Cloquet and then Alexandria, MN for most of the next week so won’t have much access to the internet the blog, though I should be back before New Years and can [...]

Some Exercise Information

Stealing this video from a good post @ The Sunshine Spirit.  I’m continuing my search for people who write about, well, a lot of things, but do it in a fun and interesting way.  Especially those people around the Minneapolis/St. Paul areas.
Truth of the matter is that this topic hits home pretty hard.  I don’t [...]

Some Quick Thoughts on Making Your Life Better

1. Exercise!
2. Cooking your own meals!
3. Pets! (Still waiting on this…2012)
4. Smiling and Laughing!
5. Dylan, Vonnegut, Frost!
6. Good writing from REAL people!
7. Earth, before concrete!

The Work/Work Balance

The title of this is NOT a shot at working a lot or some sort of complaint about how work/life balance is needed etc.  This has been an incredibly busy week with 11 hour days, running and reading “Guns, Germs and Steel” in off time, so I’d be right in my element to start whining, [...]

One Year

I saw a sign today saying how 1968 was the year that rocked the world, for a multitude of reasons.
I’m still yet to start thinking about time in terms of years, it seems like just looking at things in terms of the present is enough.  When you’re busy it’s enough just to get through the [...]

To Build From Scratch

A brilliant prof of mine while in business school once said, “To be a ’self made man’ you must first create the universe.”Anyone who tells you with a straight face that they received no help to build themselves into what they are today is delusional.  Most likely they are not thinking in the same context, [...]

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