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Some Thoughts On Education Today

Yesterday night I read a post from Brain Pickings on why you don’t need to go back to school.  Of course, I did go back to school at the University of Minnesota for a business degree, and before that a degree at St. Cloud State University, so what I’m about to say is probably self […]

Two Brief Educational Thoughts

1. If you’re getting finished with school, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. How can you keep learning? 2. If you’re still in school or just starting, it’s as important to develop your own philosophy on subjects as it is to learn others’.

What Will You Change This Year? How Will You Grow?

I have a few aspirations this next year. The first is my weight, I’d like to get back to a 165 lb. or so. Less than that is fine, but I think that would be where I should be. Health is a really large aspect of life and it’s time to set my life straight […]

How Do You Stay Smart?

I’m coming back to this question because it keeps revealing itself to me. My mortality is all too obvious today it seems. Previous life reflections have almost always been centered on the idea of what I should be doing and if my path is going where I’d like to be. Those thought processes and ideas […]

Estaria aprendido espanol por un segundo vez

I’m not sure that’s the right way to say it, but I’m learning Spanish again.  It’s a blast!  Learning is actually something that drives me.  For whatever reason, I get really amped up about learning new things that are of significant value.  That’s why I spent so much time with Economics the last few months. […]

Why Teachers Need to Sell & An Economic Foray

I’ve been thinking a lot about economics lately and how important a subject it is.  Then I think of why it didn’t intrigue me at all as a freshman and SCSU when I was taking micro and macro.  The classes went fine overall, but there was absolutely nothing about them that intrigued me at the […]

Abstract and Defined Learning Paths

It’s always worthwhile to consider what you want to learn.  There are certain ways to learn all of these things.  The typical paths are defined educations through a university or vocational school.  I’ve been through a few schools now and I can say that they are very good at churning out the same type of […]

Teachers and Society

Can’t help but pass this on: I’ve written about this before.  Someone very close to me is a teacher and it never really ceases to amaze me how much work the vocation is and how little it pays.  Of course that also renders me biased, but then who isn’t biased about teaching?  Near all of […]

The Future is Wiiiiiide Open

Context in learning is important.  There are a great deal of things you can learn from a book and about 10x that in other areas. Personal learning and progression is one of them.  There is no book telling you how to improve your current skill sets.  No book is written specifically about you.  Only you […]

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