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The Ability To Be Wrong

Not much of an ability, in all reality.  To err is human, after all.  EVERYONE you have ever known or will know is wrong seemingly countless times in the course of their lives.  I won’t get into the specifics of what “wrong” is as that’s a long philosophical journey which I haven’t seen the end of yet. […]

Leadership and Fundamentals

The last few days it’s been ever more clear to me how the need for leadership and fundamental execution of projects is so sorely needed in most organizations. When I say leadership, I mean taking charge of organization and meetings and getting everyone on the same page moving in one direction.  Or even getting the […]

Paying for Leadership

When you look at salaries of many professionals, especially people at the top rungs of the organizational ladders, it can be eye opening and somewhat hard to swallow.  Especially for folks in the lower or middle of the pack when it comes to income.  Growing up, the idea that someone could be paid millions of […]

Leadership or Being In Charge?

Do you want either?  There are many, many people who don’t really want anything to do with either.  That’s just fine, although it’s probably not an easy thing, to find roles today where you are told what to do constantly.  Most people don’t have time for workers who just do what they’re told, it’s too […]

An MBA Is Not a Leadership Certificate

It’s been a while since I’ve written much of substance.  I moved roughly two weeks ago and recently took a small trip to the Boundary Waters, which was nice, but my life has been in tumult for the last month or so, just getting things ready and preparing to move.  And now, of course, getting […]

A Good News Day

I’m not usually a fan of just linking to other stories, but there were a plethora of worthwhile readings in the Times this morning. An intelligent marketer at Windows is altering all mobile OS’ to reflect the Windows start button.  I’m still getting used to the Windows start button on my PC, but it’s a […]

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