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Communication Is Changing Before Our Eyes

In the past decade of exponential human change, we’ve seen the internet consolidate and disperse the vast majority of human knowledge on a scale previously unbeknownst as a possibility.  How we found and shared information has been irrevocably altered, for the better IMO. The changes are everywhere.  Everything you do and use now is getting […]

It’s Just the Internet: Part II

I was reading this post from Seth Godin (who I still read religiously) today and it hit me, something I’ve thought about before, it’s just the internet.  His post is talking about how habits have changed.The centralization of information and news and all other things magically digital mean that finding things to be interested in, […]

Pixel Tigers

The internet was becoming prevalent when I was in high school.  It’s been around longer than that, but in the last ten years has grown exponentially: By all rights, this is going to drastically alter the knowledge gap for the entire world, given enough time.  It will also provide a platform for all kinds of […]

It’s all just the beginning…

Today on the phone with someone who is about 50, he remarked “back 20 years ago we didn’t have Youtube or anything online.  Now a days, you can just go to a website and watch what you want, I think that’s really great.” Well, I agree with his sentiments.  I spend more time on the […]

Quick Rant: TV Sucks

What a waste of money. The only reason I buy television is to watch sports. I’m a big fan of MN teams, Twolves, Twins, Vikes and Wild. But I watch maybe two or three games a week. It costs me $68 per month and there’s basically nothing worth watching beyond that 90% of the time. […]

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