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Interesting Video on Future of Internet from Le Web

I’m not too certain about anything that will happen in the future, but the idea behind applications running as an interface for a stronger web is interesting.  It’s obviously taking hold to a certain extent now, but I wonder if just fixing the mobile browsing experience would circumvent the need for apps?  The app piece […]

Where is Social Media Going?

I had an odd thought today, what if I was the last user of Twitter? What if everyone left Twitter over the course of a few years ala MySpace (yes I know it still exists and people are there…but you get it)?  I don’t think Twitter is going away and I don’t think Facebook is […]

Getting Away From…And Back to Twitter. And Other #SM.

For the better part of two years, I was very ensconced in all things social media.  I saw it as a revolutionary alteration to the world of marketing as I’d known it.  It was more of a hobby than a job, though I did incorporate a few things into my work environment at that point.  Of […]

Exponential Shifts

Saw this video today, thanks to a coworker.  I really thought it was pretty insightful and relevant.  We easily forget how much change is actually happening over the course of a few years when we live day to day.  I’ve been adamant and still am about the incredible alterations we are seeing due to computer […]

The Oatmeal & Viral Marketing

A quick discussion of the Oatmeal and how his work has “gone viral” and why it’s difficult to emulate.

The Future of the Internet

Via Doc Searls, a great piece answering ten very good questions about how the tubes will evolve. Seriously, read it.  It’s an impressive account.

Great Customer Service

It is remarkable how few companies really get it and have people that get it too.  But I just had a great experience because of one person and it will likely keep me as a customer for a long time. My internet connection at home is decent, but kind of poor.  As stated previously, the […]

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