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Twitch and Interactive Direction

For the last two years, my primary entertainment source has been gaming.  I’m a casual.  I’ve got some friends that are more core.  I don’t know a lot of hardcore gamers.  Television, outside of sports, isn’t all that interesting to me in the traditional sense–however Teresa and I will binge on good series such as […]

Youth Culture and (Less Importantly) Marketing Implications

Youth Culture is considerably more important, perceptively, than that of the older generations in the United States. You see it everywhere. If you watch/listen to media, there is a huge disparity in the amount of attention payed to younger people. Television, movies, music and to a lesser extent writing do so continually. Why? I’m uncertain […]

Sound Bite Culture

A sound bite is a small clip from a more thorough story. Sound bites are loved by the common man and by reporters.  They stick with you.  This is what I remember from the state of the union: Sound bites offer a double edged sword to us as a populace.  For one thing, they are […]

Why? Interactive Marketing Is Fun…And My Job

My backstory page (top tab to the right) is about complete, but I wanted to comment on why I blog and use Twitter and any other online content that goes beyond my expected output for work.  The main reason is to learn.  Interactive spaces are actually a very fun place to market and build content.  […]

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