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Beach House: Teen Dream

Writing more about music was a goal of mine for the year.  I’ve bought eleven albums so far this year and although nothing has been truly groundbreaking (something I’d listen to for a month straight) there have been some standouts. As an aside, I’m tracking all my album purchases this year along with how many […]

The Girls: Album

I’ve really been getting into the Girls album, Album, that made so many top ten lists last year.  It’s a two piece, and the opening track really hooks you into listening off the bat.  Most of the CD isn’t comprised of fast sounding tunes, unlike the opener, but there’s something about it that is easy […]

Best Albums of 2009!

(Editors note, this is coming out in late January due to being on the road.) This is going to be a long post.  Get some popcorn, I would, but I don’t care for it.  It takes me a LONG time to write this.  It’s Friday, I’m listening to Get Lonely by the Mountain Goats and […]

Two Good Bands

I was at Sauce, the new “spirits and sounds” digs in Uptown on Saturday and saw two new bands that were both really good live. The first was Ice Palace, a five piece if memory serves, who played indie music with a good lead singer.  His voice was somewhat disinterested or low monotone if that […]

Mountain Goats @ Cedar Cultural Center

Last night, we went to see the Mountain Goats at the Cedar.  It was a pretty packed show,  MPR and were sponsoring it and this was my first time trying going to the Cedar.  The room was pretty dark and fit maybe 250 people or so in it.  It was standing room only, which […]

Sea Wolf: Traitor

The new Sea Wolf album is top notch, probably better overall than his debut, which was my favorite album of 2008.  The freshness of that sound made it a more important album at the time, but this one is something special too. Here is a video of “Traitor” which he played at 7th Street last […]

The Antlers: Hospice

My addiction to music continues.  I’ve been listening to the Antlers latest album, Hospice and it is oh so good.  There are a few times a year when a bands sound just sticks out and you can tell it’s going to be something you’ll get into.  It’s not a genre thing, it’s just that certain […]

Seawolf at 7th Street Entry

Last night, amidst a flurry of other activity in school, I brought a pretty young lass to a Seawolf show (his debut was my favorite album of 2008).  Making concerts for the A term is going to be extremely difficult, but these tickets were procured some time ago and it was SO worth it.  Even […]

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