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Mobile Internet and PC Browsing

Yesterday I was reading a slide deck on via Business Insider that pointed out some really interesting things.  A lot of the statistics are from Internet World Stats.  I was unaware of this site until yesterday, but it’s a really valuable resource.  If you like to get more information about internet usage, you might want […]

Wait, Why Do I Write This Stuff?

Just finished the last post and it dawned on me that it likely seems quite strange that I’d write these things.  After all, why not just link to an article that, um, articulates these points in a much more thorough and thoughtful manner?  Why not bow to the experts? A few reasons: 1.  I can. […]

One Idea

One idea can change the entire world.  Sure, it’s only one world, but it’s still a pretty big deal for most of us. Almost every book I read, I try to reorganize afterward to represent one big idea.  For Good to Great, it was “Get the right people on the bus and then decide where […]

What Else Should I Say? All Apologies

I realize the content here hasn’t been particularly innovative or out of the box lately.  It’s more of an observer’s take as of late.  That’s not why I started writing, although it is good information and always fun to look back on. Part of what is supposed to be here is more general philosophical ideas […]

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