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Organizational Perspectives – Add Value However You Can

When someone says they are “in the weeds” it means they can’t really see much beyond what their day to day tasks is. Imagine wading through a bog of cattails, you cannot really see anything and your lucky to know which way to go at all! The longer you are in one organization, the more […]

Intent and Perception

There is absolutely no getting around it.  What you intend to do and what people actually percieve are going to be different things more often than not.  That means that you can be absolutely remarkable in terms of effort and ability, but the perception of your output is going to be different than what you […]


I’ve met quite a few people in the last few years who are what I’d consider headstrong. Although this adjective can often be associated with poor connotations for being bossy or difficult to deal with, I mean it as a complement for the most part. There are far more people who won’t stand up for […]

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