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Crucial Conversations

It’s been a while since reviewing a book here.  One of the most truly difficult things to do is honest expression of what you’re attempting to communicate.  Most of my life I’ve realized that it was relatively easy to honestly express yourself in monologue, but in communication with others things get murky.  Have you ever […]

Headhunter Etiquette

Today, a head hunter called me at work. This happens every few months. I was a bit taken aback today though. Someone left me a message with their name and I could not figure out who it was, but thought it might be important, so I called back. It was just a someone fishing for […]

Matters of Perspective

I don’t recall who said it, but the saying goes:  90% of any issue in a business is a human management issue.  It’s a matter of perspective.  Everyone has their own, and even those self aware enough to recognize it will struggle with it.  The funny thing is, most people are working towards the same […]

Social Media Gurus

A good friend just forwarded me a job opening for a social media guru.  I’m not on the market, but it’s interesting to see the uptick in these types of positions.  What’s more interesting is what they want to see out of candidates.  They want experience in the field, which some people have.  The issue […]

Deluxe Goes Social, HR Online

It looks as though Deluxe, the now multiple tiered solutions company (though they began a long time ago printing checks), is using a social media strategy to acquire new talent.  Your first reaction to this may be something akin to “Um, yeah, welcome to the present.”  This is actually an important step for corporations.  Many […]

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