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Garage Insulation + End of Summer

Dog days of summer came, lay on the floor for a bit, and are slowly getting up and out the door. The cooler weather has begun to grace our presence, and it’s an excellent time of year.  With that cool weather comes the ability to do a few house projects, this year now that the […]

Seasons – Fall Is Here

2015 has been a truly remarkable year in terms of weather.  Our summer has been filled with beautiful days and a good amount of rain, keeping the grass growing week after week.  The last month has been filled with above average days, and today in early October we have 70’s and low 80’s.  Fall is […]

First Father’s Day – and the 32nd

Woke up today thinking about Dad.  My father is 68 as of a few days back, truthfully I struggle to remember his age and have to ask near every year.  I wonder if he knows mine?!  :-)  It may be just a personality flaw, I do not remember dates, numbers and the like easily.  Some […]

“Welcome to the Rainforest”: Day 3

I’ve done some hikes in my time.  In the States and down in New Zealand, I’ve always enjoyed being outside and hiking.  Today, Teresa and I did the most hardcore hike I’ve ever been on up a smaller, dormant volcano called Cerro Chato.  At 7am we got up and did the free breakfast at the […]

New Gear: Time To Get Outside

While in business school I purchased a few things for trekking outdoors when I went to New Zealand.  I have always enjoyed being outside and exercising.  As a teenager it was mostly because it was so fun, but now a days things have changed.  My health plays a big part in why decisions are made; […]

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