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Perhaps Herman Hesse’s most famous work, Siddhartha is a short, but intense story of one man’s life. I’ve only read one other book by Hesse — Steppenwolf.  They are starkly different books.  Siddhartha is very much a confident and exuberant individual initially, and sees life as a book meant to be opened and interpreted freely. […]

Everything Is Borrowed

I just started Slaughterhouse Five and in the opening pages, Vonnegut imbibes a detractor.  The detractor asks him about his book, which is against war.  Vonnegut is noncommital, to which the detractor states, why not write a book about glaciers? The point is apparent that glaciers are not going away, and that writing a book about […]


The first book read on my trip was Steppenwolf, a book by Hermann Hesse.  Written in early 20th century Germany, it spends a great deal of time wandering the endless corridors concerning a thinly veiled pseudonym of a protagonist, Harry Haller.  The alliteration can’t be the only similarity to the writer; it’s said so many […]

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