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Habits and Progress Addiction

Everybody I know has habits. Usually quite a few of them. Some habits are really valuable, and some are detrimental. It seems human nature to continually do things a certain way–those patterns can be broken, but it’s not a normal aspect of personality to deviate continually from behavior. We stick to our knitting. In this […]

The American Work Week: Transition to Four Days?

Since Memorial Day, I’ve been thinking about the work week.  I read an article on Reddit the other day that  brought up similar ideas. Typical weeks of work in the American culture are roughly 40 hours per week spread over 5 days.  In the business scene, the number of hours skews higher, typically more like 50-60 […]

Health vs. Money Tradeoff

Working a normal, white collar job has some incredible benefits, but it also comes with some difficult aspects.  My least favorite aspect is the lack of physical movement associated with the role.  I’ve had jobs where physical labor was involved (most notable a job bringing in and putting out docks, lifts and boats in lake […]

I can hardly believe it’s already November

Things are coming along very quickly this year.  Lots of fun things happening with friends, bad things happening with MN sports and settling into work. Blogging has really taken a backseat lately.  I’ve been working out a lot more, usually right after work, but some days I’ll work out over the lunch hour and eat […]

Summer Is Flying

In the midst of my most busy summer in some time, it struck me that I haven’t written in a bit. Amidst work, working out, reading market research and another book, it has been tough to find time. Summer tends to be like that, there is much more time to be outside and enjoying the […]

One Week Finalized: Shapeshifting Time

I’ve been working hard for the money.  So hard for it honey.  Ha, just kidding, the real work is yet to come; that’s the growth curve and it’s going to take some time but it will come, hell or high water.  I know I’ve been posting a lot about it lately, but working just feels […]

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