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Facebook Stock

I’m still waiting to see financials for FB, but when the IPO happened and they were valuated at $104B, it seemed really high.  At the time I was thinking they did like $2b in revenue annually, but I think it’s actually much higher than that, closer to $4b.  That’s still not even close to a […]

Upping the Digital Ante

Twitter just added geolocation to it’s growing list of services to tweets.  That’s a really big deal as 4square has been making so many waves in the last few months.  I tested it and it works really, really well. We’re seeing a lot of overlap from the big guys in social networking (or whatever you […]

Finally Got Google Chrome (Mac)

Read this article today denoting how Chrome is the way of the future.  I’d been waiting to try out Chrome for some time and now I have it.  There doesn’t seem to be much in terms of increased functionality, though searching in the URL bar is kind of a nice feature, still Firefox allows you […]

Google’s News Feed

Just did a quick search on “iPad” to look at some reviews and thoughts and found Google’s news feature, a scroll down of new publications updated constantly.  It incorporates a lot of stuff that I saw such as tweets, blogs, site reviews and whatnot. I just found it interesting and a nice, functional real time […]

Real Time Information: Google Speaks

It’s a fascinating time to be alive.  Although chances are that most people feel that way during their lives, I really do feel as though the technological revolution we are in right now is mesmerizing. Eric Schmidt goes over some real time issues here for Google, such as how to rank and the change in […]

Google Digitizing Books & Kindle Lowering Price

It seems like every day more is happening with digital books and reading.  Today, Amazon has lowered the cost of the Kindle, again.  Why?  I’m not positive, but the looming rumors of a Mac tablet and other competitive devices likely has something to do with it. The bigger business at stake, though, isn’t the hardware.  […]

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