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Stock Tips from An Amateur

I am no where near an authority on stocks, or other financial securities for that matter.  However, I’ve read more books on the topic than 99% of people in the United States (I think “one” would get you into this category, but I could be wrong) and have definitely put some time into consideration of […]

Duo Book Review: Intelligent Investor and The Name of the Wind

I’ve been putting off reviewing a few books, so I’m jamming two into one post.  They are diametrically opposite ends of the spectrum. When starting Infinite Jest, I  was actually in the middle of two other books.  Many people read lots of books simultaneously, but for me that’s not a common thing.  I’d started re-reading […]

Trying to Predict Irrational Markets

Buy and hold investors such as myself are often dubiously raising our eyebrows at others attempting to figure out the market and get “in and out” of financial vehicles such as stocks quickly, in repeated fashion in order to make money.The funny thing is that day traders and other people who “play” the market are […]

Strike Debt Information

It took me quite a while to read it, but the Strike Debt document on all forms of debt really does a nice job of describing how the different forms of debt have such a heavy impact on so many groups of people.  It focuses in especially on the groups of people that are discriminated […]

Fire Your Stock Analyst! Book Review

During business school, I took a lot of time to learn about finance and started scratching the surface of economics in general.  I don’t know why it happens that way.  As you get older, the importance of economics and money just seem to become more important.  I never considered myself a “finance” type of person, […]

Health vs. Money Tradeoff

Working a normal, white collar job has some incredible benefits, but it also comes with some difficult aspects.  My least favorite aspect is the lack of physical movement associated with the role.  I’ve had jobs where physical labor was involved (most notable a job bringing in and putting out docks, lifts and boats in lake […]

The Random Walk Guide To Investing

This is an offshoot of Burton Malkiel‘s A Random Walk Down Wallstreet, where he conclusively provides proof that money managers are largely not worth their collective breath.  That book (reviewed here) was very powerful in that it teaches that there are no secrets to investing, just hard work.  And by hard work, I mean staying […]

Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wallstreet

A few days ago, I finished Liquidated:  An Ethnography of Wallstreet.  For those people unfamiliar, an ethnography is a tool used by anthropologists to understand a certain group of people or culture.  It has become far more prevalent in the last decade in that larger corporations will often use it.  A gal from General Mills […]

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