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The Rain Fall

Let it be known that 2018 has been an insufferably rainy fall.  It’s just kept on and on the last month and a half.  I’d like to get the leaves cleaned up, but it’s been so wet that finding a pocket of time to do so has been challenging.  Same goes for winterizing everything; difficult […]

Ode to Fall

Fall, in all its splendor, is here. The temperature is warm, yet brisk. The insect colonies have largely decided to pack it in. The leaves are falling, but only at a slight pace such that the mower eats them up. Football is starting in earnest tomorrow at noon. Halloween and Thanksgiving are both within reach. […]

Fall Music and Shows

We are approaching fall here in Minnesota, time to bunker down the hatches, take out the docks and lifts, wrap up the outdoor furniture and clean out the gutters.  Seems odd to be saying that given that it was mid 80s the last few days, but it’s on my mind as October approaches. That also […]

Best Wishes Mom :-)

We have finally had a nice Fall week, it’s around 60 degrees lately and I’m trying to get outside and enjoy it while it lasts.  Amidst the ever turbulent cascade of school work that is. My mother is getting a knee replacement in a few days, which is a bit disconcerting for me.  It’s the […]

Lack of Time to Reflect

I’m sitting in my apartment getting for work and thinking about a lack of time.  My mindset needs time to think things over and valuate progression, but school doesn’t really allow for that. You may be scratching your head, rather astutely observing that very post could be considered “time to reflect.”  Maybe so.  I need […]

Feeling Under the Weather

Which is a complete shame, because I absolutely love Fall. Minnesota is a beautiful place to be at this time of year. Unfortunately, I’ve got a bit of a cold starting and altogether too much work do to be sick!  Writing will probably be light in lieu of extra sleep and vitamin C infusions.

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