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How Things Go Wrong

In all my work as a marketing professional, hindsight always shows the errors.  The goofs, blunders and odd thinking that led to a piece of collateral, communication, meeting or pitch gone wrong.  And they will continue to be.What causes all these follies?What causes otherwise rational folks to make what in retrospect seem like such implausible […]

Revisiting Failure

I read a lot of things last week from a few choice bloggers who started positing that the “new” stance on failure was wrong.  The newer stance on failure is that it’s a good thing.  That not being afraid to fail is valuable because it forces you to take risks.  Those that don’t take risks […]

Failure, Repetition and 500th Post

This is the 500th post of Redmarketer.  That’s not bad in my opinion.  It took a little under 20 months to get here and I’ve learned a lot about the web and marketing since then.  But there is still so much more to learn about.  I think about SEO and how to improve my ranking […]

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