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Getting Away From…And Back to Twitter. And Other #SM.

For the better part of two years, I was very ensconced in all things social media.  I saw it as a revolutionary alteration to the world of marketing as I’d known it.  It was more of a hobby than a job, though I did incorporate a few things into my work environment at that point.  Of […]

Account Deleted…Time To Graduate!

Facebook profile has been eradicated.  Updates about my life and endless conjecture will now be found here; smaller stuff will be on Twitter.  I hadn’t clicked on the RSS link in a while, but for some reason it doesn’t work in Chrome (ironic) and does work in Firefox.  So if you do subscribe, use Firefox, […]

The Facebook Question…Probably Time To Fall Off The Grid

I read this article about why people should drop off Facebook two days ago and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since.  Truthfully, those reasons aren’t really what drives me to consider dropping it.  There are many reasons to though, and I think they’re legitimate. For starters, it’s a blanket application at first if […]

Upping the Digital Ante

Twitter just added geolocation to it’s growing list of services to tweets.  That’s a really big deal as 4square has been making so many waves in the last few months.  I tested it and it works really, really well. We’re seeing a lot of overlap from the big guys in social networking (or whatever you […]

Real Time Information: Google Speaks

It’s a fascinating time to be alive.  Although chances are that most people feel that way during their lives, I really do feel as though the technological revolution we are in right now is mesmerizing. Eric Schmidt goes over some real time issues here for Google, such as how to rank and the change in […]

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