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Some Thoughts On Education Today

Yesterday night I read a post from Brain Pickings on why you don’t need to go back to school.  Of course, I did go back to school at the University of Minnesota for a business degree, and before that a degree at St. Cloud State University, so what I’m about to say is probably self […]

Two Brief Educational Thoughts

1. If you’re getting finished with school, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. How can you keep learning? 2. If you’re still in school or just starting, it’s as important to develop your own philosophy on subjects as it is to learn others’.

Getting Older with Fewer Interests?

Since basketball has ended and my beloved Timberwolves retired to their dens to lick reopened wounds, I’ve been mulling about the apartment with less to do.  It struck me the other day that my habits have changed a great deal. My youthful pursuits included wakeboarding and tubing, basketball, videogames, ladies, kicking it with friends, frisbee […]

Advertising In Schools

The other day I was reading an article on schools and how they are attempting to find additional revenue.  They are starting to look at advertising. For the record, it’s a sad state of affairs that schools can’t afford to keep teachers.  Of all the public works we spend on, schools should be very high […]

Two Years Out of Business School!

It blows my mind, but it’s already been two years since business school finished.  I really find this hard to believe.  Time definitely goes faster as you get older. I’ve had a good amount of education in my life and I’m planning on more throughout my time here on Earth.  Learning is a hugely important […]

Budget: Where Taxes Go

I always think it’s fascinating to look at the budget and where we spend. Here’s a quick graph that summarizes it from Off the Charts Blog: That’s a pretty simple graph.  It shows that most of our tax dollars are wrapped up in Defense, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid and Safety Net programs. As readers of this […]

Having a Degree Does NOT Make You Good at Whatever It May Be

Had this thought today while working.  So many people get degrees in their choice area to work, yet that alone does not make them good, much less great.  In fact, it’s almost as though society expects that a degree in something make people inherently better at it.  To an extent, this must be true or […]

Reverse Mortgaging the US: Education in the States

This morning, I woke up and saw that a city North of where I live, North Branch, had instilled a four day school week.  This is actually old news, but it had been past me for some time.  I quickly went on a rant on Twitter about how messed up our system is when cost […]

Let’s Just Get It Done

If I were starting a company, I’d probably opt for enthusiastic self starters who have a proven track record of getting objectives accomplished.  Financial goals are always important, but often times, a person within a company doesn’t necessarily have direct control over a revenue goal, a cost controlling scheme or a like matter.  Now, I’ve […]

Abstract and Defined Learning Paths

It’s always worthwhile to consider what you want to learn.  There are certain ways to learn all of these things.  The typical paths are defined educations through a university or vocational school.  I’ve been through a few schools now and I can say that they are very good at churning out the same type of […]

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