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Off to Belize

Well, it snuck up on us.  We just had Christmas here in Bloomington.  My brother in law Nathan is staying with us here in Bloomington through the rest of the month, and has been the last three, so we all stayed in and enjoyed some holiday spirit. But tonight we are leaving for vacation, down […]

“Life is the most beautiful give you’ll ever get.” – Day 14

Today is our last full day of the trip.  It started by getting up at 6am and doing some quick breakfast before hopping on a bus to take a river cruise.  It’s about 45 minutes away from our hotel, and we were excited to try one last time to see some wildlife.  It didn’t disappoint. […]

Sun, Rest and Food: Day 12

Lots of sunshine, in fact, I’m getting pretty reddish now.  Today was another day of rest and relaxation.  We are basically taking two days not do much of anything. That’s actually harder for me than it sounds.  I struggle to stay in and not DO something.  I don’t recall when I got this way.  Nowadays, […]

Playa Ocotal New Years 2013 – Day 11

Yesterday we dropped off the Montero Sport at Vamos Car Rental, but before hand stopped off in a small town just NE of the highway called Qauantil.  We picked up a few hand crafted artisan pottery pieces for family and one for ourselves and then ate lunch.  We arrived at Playa Ocotal at roughly 3pm […]

One Night in Samara: Day 10

After a very nice long day of relaxation in Montezuma, it was time to get on the road.  And the road was not easy.  We were actually pretty concerned about getting to Samara from Montezuma as the roads are not complete and during the rainy seasons it’s a pretty difficult endeavor.  We were told that […]

Montezuma Sunshine: Day 9

Finally got some sun.  Mostly laying around and reading today.  Infinite Jest is going to take me forever to finish.  Now getting ready for dinner and then heading off to Samara in the morning.

Bienvenido a la Oceano Pacifico: Day 8

It took us quite a while on this trip to actually see the ocean.  Most of our exploits were inland and as such sopping with rainforest weather.  Monteverde was a great stop, I actually liked the folks at La Colina so much I’d prefer to stay another day.  It’s a very inexpensive and fun place. […]

Zip Lining and a Decided Lack of Sloth: Day 7

Yesterday was our first full day in Monteverde and to date, I’d have to judge it as the best city we’ve stayed in thus far.  It is split between two more major areas near the Santa Elena and Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological reserves.  The two areas are sprawled across a mountainous area of forests with […]

Bienvenido a Monteverde: Day 6

Yesterday morning we took an hour to tour the grounds at La Carolina via horseback.  That was good fun as Teresa could barely handle her steed and he pretty much went where he chose, avoiding mud and any other aspects of nature he found unfavorable.  Mine was a bit less finicky, but more likely to […]

Humidity, Hiking and un Feliz Navidad: Day 5

This is a late entry, but yesterday we ate breakfast and swiftly headed to Rio Celeste after saying goodbye to some new friends.  Getting to the Park was simple, though the roads down here are trying.  I can’t imagine not having a larger clearance vehicle, rocks and inclines with multiple road rivets make it difficult […]

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